The Battle of Hundred-in-the-Hands (Part 1)

It has been a popular misconception that Native Americans’ sole victory was against George Custer and his 7th Cavalry, otherwise the tribes suffered an endless string of defeats. The truth is, although they ultimately lost their lands and way of life, Indians won significant battles along the way. In this and other entries to my … Continue reading The Battle of Hundred-in-the-Hands (Part 1)

“Romero knew he was on his own.”

Here is the latest review I have received for Animal Parts from the US Review of Books: Peter Romero, an officer with the Cochiti Pueblo Police Department, has been having a hard enough time as it is lately, what with a struggling marriage and local officials breathing down his neck. But his life is really … Continue reading “Romero knew he was on his own.”

Anatomy of Disaster: The Villasur Massacre

World War Zero Between 1689 and 1763, there were no less than four colonial wars (often called World War Zero) involving France, Britain, Spain, and their respective colonies. These conflicts were expressions of European competition over balance of power, expansionism, mercantilism, and Native American alliances. In the summer of 1720, colonial New Mexico Governor Antonio … Continue reading Anatomy of Disaster: The Villasur Massacre

The U.S. Army’s Worst Indian Catastrophe?

Custer’s Last Stand. The Worst Disaster? A swirling mass of feathered, painted men and horses. The whistle of bullets and arrows. The coppery smell of blood and acrid odor of burned gun powder. The co-mingled screams of men and horses. The shrill wail of trumpets drowned by the ululating trill of warriors tasting victory. A … Continue reading The U.S. Army’s Worst Indian Catastrophe?