Dead Horses, the newest Peter Romero mystery by novelist of the Modern Southwest, David E. Knop, has arrived.


An assortment of baskets, pouches, stones, twigs, animal skins, bird wings, bones, pipes, and detailed masks cluttered the place. It was reminiscent of the cluttered homes of some of my own tribe’s elders. People possessing powers of the old ways still. Growing up we knew better, dismissed them when our grandmas would bring them into our homes when we were sick. Decorated head-to-toe and speaking to gods we hadn’t witnessed. As we grew older, some of us reached back to embrace the old ones’ ways and their connections to the earth, life, and community. They knew there was magic where we couldn’t see, we came to understand. Some of us dismissed the old ways entirely, with varying degrees of disdain. Some of us never learned a thing.

I wondered if the Ute children were the same. I also wondered if this was how Pokoh knew I was coming.

New Mexico Cochiti police officer Peter Romero tracks horse killers and suspects of a brutal double murder found on his reservation to the Southern Ute Indian Reservation in Colorado.

In his hunt for the killers, Romero battles blood-thirsty wolves, an unrelenting predatory grizzly, and dirty cops out for his blood. Uncovered during Romero’s investigation is a plot to reignite a long-burning mutual hatred between the Ute and Navajo tribes.

Backed by her belief in Romero’s spirituality, FBI Special Agent Jean Reel hijacks him into her own RICO investigation of police corruption linked to the Sinaloa Cartel. The recently divorced Romero knows Reel has no legal power over him but his unresolved feelings for her captivates him once again. His fondness of her grows but the relationship fractures when agitated Utes threaten a violent clash with unsuspecting Navajos at an upcoming hospital groundbreaking.

Fantasy and reality mix when a malignant supernatural being becomes hell-bent on inciting a race war at the groundbreaking. Tension comes to a breaking point, testing Romero’s natural and supernatural limits as he tries to stop the murder of innocents, never knowing who he can trust.

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Praise for David E. Knop books:

Dead Horses – Peter Romero does whatever he has to do regardless of outcome, regardless of the danger of dying in the attempt. – Gene Riehl, author of Quantico Rules and Sleeper, FBI thrillers from St. Martin’s Press. 

Animal Parts – Knop’s dialogue is spot on when it comes to nailing the way people actually react. This is a confidently written tale by an excellent storyteller. – Joe Kilgore 

Poisoned by God’s Flesh – A detective finds himself in up to his neck with terrorist, drug cartels and law enforcement agents that think he is one of the bad guys. Mr. Knop is one talented writer with a good eye for detail. He has a unique voice that must be heard. – im1rarebird 

Mining Sacred Ground – A story that pits avarice against spirituality in a world so noir you won’t know until the end whether to feel vindicated or disillusioned. – R. Shaughnessy

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