Mining Sacred Ground

“Know my problem with you, Romero?” Zinzer moved close, pointed in Romero’s face.

“Can’t imagine.”

“Seems like people you know end up dead.”

–Mining Sacred Ground

Peter Romero debuts in Mining Sacred Ground, A Peter Romero Novel is a recipient of the Public Safety Writers’ Association Award, 2013, and an Eric Hofer Award for Fiction, 2014.

Mining Sacred Ground

In the award-winning, Mining Sacred Ground, former Marine Peter Romero is called to mete out justice while protecting a secret five hundred years old. Romero battles self-doubt, threats of divorce, hostile law enforcement, and a killer’s cross-hairs through Arizona back-country. Knop serves full helpings of character, plot, and human interaction in a narrative that lurches into a narcotic desert night-scape.

Mining Sacred Ground, A Peter Romero novel, is available on, Barnes &, and iTunes.

Cheers from readers:

5.0 out of 5 stars

“A Must for Readers of Southwestern Mysteries”, July 7, 2011
By Ken Kuhlken “Ken Kuhlken” (San Diego, CA USA)

Mining Sacred Ground (Kindle Edition),

“Having spent lots of years in the desert southwest, what most endears Mining Sacred Ground to me is the vivid authenticity of its Arizona setting and of the characters who inhabit the state’s rural places. With a sharp eye for detail of all kinds, Mr. Knop has created a real world in which strange and mystic events can happen. Peter Romero, an ex-Marine and native American policeman in exile from his reservation is called to reinvent himself as spirit warrior. Success might offer hope of winning his life back, or might send him yet farther from home. No reader of Southwestern mysteries or suspense should be without this one.”

-Ken Kuhlken, award winning author of Midheaven and six Hickey family mystery novels set throughout 20th century California.

5.0 out of 5 stars

“WOW!”, June 19, 2011
By Gene Riehl (La Jolla, CA)
Mining Sacred Ground (Kindle Edition),

“Wow! Make yourself plenty comfortable before you start reading David Knop’s Mining Sacred Ground, because this beautifully-written story will take you places no one in his right mind would go. Knop has invaded territory formerly the exclusive property of Tony Hillerman, and you’ll get not only a native-American view of the world, but a chilling ride alongside a worn out ex-Marine trying to do the right thing even though he’s pretty sure he’ll die in the attempt.”

-Gene Riehl, author of Quantico Rules and Sleeper, FBI thrillers from St. Martin’s Press.

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