Tops among Cops

Animal Parts, a mystery by David E. Knop, was awarded Honorable Mention at the prestigious Public Safety Writers Association Writing Contest held in Las Vegas. PSWA members include police officers, civilian police personnel, firefighters, emergency personnel, security personnel and others in the public safety field. It was a high bar to pass the scrutiny of judges who have … Continue reading Tops among Cops

Announcing the Launch of Animal Parts! April 10, 2016

You can see the video announcement here. Enjoy! The Launch of Animal Parts... For more information on the launch, please contact Molly Knop by visiting her blog at

Got Cannibals?

When we think of cannibalism in North America, we often envision worst-case scenarios of cultural practices, as in the case of the Aztecs, where eating fellow humans held spiritual significance, or survival, as practiced by the desperate Donner Party.[1] Today, the popular press often takes full advantage of cases where the hunger for human flesh … Continue reading Got Cannibals?